If you have kids you know that the bathroom is one of the easiest places in your home that will get wet. Between the showers, baths, tooth brushing, and toilet breaks it can be hard to keep your kid’s bathroom dry. Those bathrooms that see continuous water exposure will need water damage cleanup services. Check out these 3 ways to keep your kid’s bathroom dry:

Install Splash Guards

These easy to install pieces of plastic attach to the sides of a bathtub and wall. Their triangle shaped design helps to keep splashes from happy kiddos who may get a little too excited during bath time. You can easily glue these splash guards to the outside corners of your tub or use adhesive strips. This small addition to a bathtub can do wonders in saving your floor from excess water.

Check The Sink Overflow

Every bathroom sink should have a small overflow hole towards the top of the basin. This little hole should prevent the sink from overflowing should a little one forget to turn off the water faucet. Make sure that an overflowing sink doesn’t cause the need for water damage cleanup services by checking the hole for any blockages. Curious kids can sometimes place items in the hole that can easily block this important overflow feature.

Place Safety Locks On Toilets

There is nothing worse than having an overflowing toilet in a bathroom. However, not all toilet overflows are from too much toilet paper. Make sure that little ones don’t place toys, balls, or dolls in toilets that could cause a major flood. Install toilet safety locks in order to keep kids out of the toilet bowl as well as anything that may be dropped by curious hands.

These three things can help to keep your kid’s bathroom dry and free from water damage. If you ever open your child’s bathroom door to see a minor flood, contact the experts at ServiceMaster of Chesapeake for their quick water damage cleanup services in order to get your home dry once again.