Flooding in the basement can be a result of burst water pipes or an invasive storm. When it happens, the best thing you can do is have a flood damage cleanup in the back of your mind. ServiceMaster provides flood damage cleanup in Outerbanks, so you can reach out to them if flooding occurs. 

Here are three significant steps of cleaning up a flooded basement. 

Water Extraction

The first step is removing the water. You may not have the right tools to do it effectively, so it is advisable to use professionals. ServiceMaster provides flood damage cleanup in Outerbanks, using high-quality tools and equipment to ensure effective restoration. 

After removing the water, dry out the area as much as possible to prevent moisture buildup. Use fans and dehumidifiers to extract as much moisture as possible to avoid mold growth. 

Flood Damage Cleanup in Outerbanks

Remove all the items from the basement to clean up the area effectively. Clean the items individually to remove dirt and contaminants from floodwater. At this stage, discard overly damaged items and soot out those that you can save. 


After cleaning up the basement, disinfect the area before bringing back the items. Pay attention to the surfaces that came into contact with the water to prevent mold growth and kill other microorganisms. 

You might need to take some time off the area to allow the disinfectant to work. In some situations, regular disinfection is necessary, mainly if the flooding resulted from sewage backup. 

If your basement floods, it is best to stay away from the area and seek professional help. ServiceMaster is reliable and provides flood damage cleanup in Outerbanks. The team will come and help you restore your basement’s functionality, leaving you to handle other essential things.