Flood Damage Restoration | Keeping Family Member Safe During A Flood


Flood Damage Restoration | A flood in your home can happen due to a burst pipe or be caused by a hurricane. Both instances can become detrimental for disabled family members if the right precautions aren’t taken beforehand. Emergency flood repair services could be needed and you may not be able to return home for a while. Consider these tips on how to keep a disabled family member safe during a flood:

Get Extra Supplies

If a disabled person will need special requirements in the event of an emergency like a flood, make sure to plan ahead for the items that will be needed. Having extra oxygen on hand for those who require it or having enough medication is important when a flood occurs. Some disabled family members rely heavily on certain medications and assistance that can become life-threatening if a flood blocks the ability to retrieve supplies.

Have an Escape Plan

Knowing how you will get a disabled family member to safety is also critical. Ask neighbors to help you move a disabled person if you think that you won’t be able to do so yourself in the event of a flood. Have a plan to get the disabled person, and yourself, to safety, should a flood be on the way.

Heed Warnings

The first people to evacuate the path of a hurricane should be those who will need a little bit of extra time in traveling. Make sure to heed area warnings of voluntary evacuation should they be broadcasted. Keeping you and your family member safe is a priority in such emergency situations.

Flooding can cause the need for emergency flood repair services. Make sure to keep your family safe in the event of a flood by getting extra supplies, having an escape plan, and heeding evacuation warnings. Should a flood in your home occur, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster of Chesapeake for help with emergency flood repair services.