You may think that mold is mold but did you know that there over 100,000 different variations of mold? When it comes to mold in your home you won’t care what type it is as long as it is gone quickly. Allowing mold to grow in your home can not only cause major health concerns but can also require the need for mold remediation services. Check out these 3 common household molds that may be forming in different areas of your home:


This type of mold is the most common form of allergenic mold. It usually grows in damp areas like bathtubs, showers, and underneath sinks. Alternaria has a velvet-like texture that can cause irritation to the upper respiratory tract and be harmful to those who suffer from asthma. Alternaria is quick to spread and is important to clean before it causes health concerns.


With over 185 species of this mold, Aspergillus can appear in a variety of different colors. This super common mold can be found in most American households presenting in a circle shaped pattern. Aspergillus can grow in long chains and is also able to form thick layers of mold if not fixed with mold remediation services. It is an allergenic mold but can grow into a toxic mold that can lead to serious health problems including lung infections.


This allergenic mold is commonly found underneath wallpaper or painted surfaces. As it ages, Aureobasidium looks a lot like a tea stain in its splattered and different colored complexion. You can spot early stages of this mold as it shows up in either a pink, brown, or black color. Aureobasidium can cause a skin rash as well as infections to nails and eyes.

Any type of mold in your home should be immediately addressed and cleaned. Contact your local ServiceMaster of Chesapeake if you ever find mold in your home for their thorough mold remediation services. When it comes to mold, trust the experts to treat and clean your home in order to keep your family safe from the harmful effects of mold.