Water damage incurs many unforeseen expenses in repairing damaged components and valuables, not forgetting the time spent handling the mess. If your home suffers water damage, consider getting professionals for water damage cleanup in Elizabeth City


But, how do you detect water damage? Below are valuable tips. 


Look for Water Stains 


If you notice watermarks and stains on the walls and ceiling of your home, that could indicate water damage. These could result from water leaks in your plumbing line, with water soaking in adjacent components such as the walls, floors, and ceilings. 


Is it Overly Damp and Humid?


If your indoor environment suddenly gets damp or overly humid, it could result from water damage. Check for wet surfaces such as walls and counters to identify the source of the problem. 


Look for Moldy Surfaces


When moisture accumulates in a poorly ventilated area, mold finds it favorable to grow and multiply. Look for any signs of mold under sinks, in corners, near appliances, behind bathroom fittings, etc. 


If you find mold, consider hiring professionals for water damage cleanup in Elizabeth City. Handling mold can be a dangerous affair, not forgetting how tasking it can be. Professionals have the right tools and expertise to take care of the situation. 


Look for Paint Damages


If you notice an area in your house with peeling or flaking paint, it could be a sign of water damage underneath the surface. This is common on walls and ceilings, whereby water damage causes bulking of the components resulting in peeling and flaking of paint. 


These are some essential tips for detecting water damage on your property. If you find one or more of these signs, take prompt action by calling ServiceMaster. The team provides water damage cleanup in Elizabeth City and will help you restore your home to full functionality.