Water damage can occur anywhere around the house, including the ceiling. While it is hard to tell the extent of damage, especially in hidden areas, it is important to look out for signs that could indicate water damage. ServiceMaster provides water damage cleanup in Outerbanks; therefore, if you notice any signs, use their team for timely cleanup. 

Water damage in the ceiling results from a leaky roof, chimney, or pipes in the attic. Below are signs of water damage in the ceiling you should look for. 

Discolored Spots

If you notice yellow or brown spots on your ceiling, it could be a sign of water damage. These usually result from dirty water coming from the roof and seeping through the ceiling, leaving a brown or yellow stain. 

Peeling or Cracking

If you notice cracks forming on the ceiling, it could indicate water damage. Additionally, if your ceiling paint starts to peel off, you might need to run a thorough check to ensure no water damage from the roof components. 

Regardless of the extent, if you find any damage, consider bringing ServiceMaster on board to help you with the cleanup. The team provides water damage cleanup in Outerbanks, taking the cleanup stress from you. 

Musky Odor

If you enter a room and notice a musky order, it could mean there is water damage in the ceiling or other components. You might need to inspect the components to find out the cause and source of water damage. 

Sagging or Bulging

If your ceiling has been bulging or sagging, it could be as a result of the ceiling boards soaking water. As the damage increases, the ceiling is bound to deteriorate, leading to it coming down. This can be dangerous; therefore, it would require immediate intervention. 

Water damage on the ceiling should not be taken lightly as it could bring about more damage to your valuables. Immediately you spot any of the signs above, contact ServiceMaster for a quick inspection and water damage cleanup in Outerbanks. The team is trained to handle any kind of damage, restoring your home to functionality.