Burst pipes are a major cause of water damage in most homes. Luckily, you can do a few things to prevent burst pipes and save yourself the hassle of water damage restoration. But, if this happens, ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration in Elizabeth City and will come to your rescue. 


Here are ways to prevent pipes from bursting. 


Wrap The Pipes with Heat Tape


It is easy to protect pipes that are exposed, especially on the exterior walls of the house. There are various pipe insulators on the market that work to balance the temperature inside and outside the pipes. 


Distribute Heat to Colder Parts of the Home


If you have a network of pipes near windows or an exterior wall, you can direct your heating and ventilation to help heat the pipes. You can do the same to the pipes in the basement as they are prone to bursting. 


Maintain a Constant Flow of Water


Leaving your water to run throughout winter can help minimize the risk of freezing and bursting. When the temperatures hit dangerously low, open your faucets for a while to keep the water flowing and prevent freezing. 


Be careful with this, as it could result in water damage if not monitored. But, if water damage happens, find professionals for water disaster restoration in Elizabeth City. ServiceMaster is reliable and will respond to your call promptly. 


Seal Leaks


Leaks allow air in the plumbing system and can contribute to bursting pipes. When you notice a drip on any of the pipes in your house, repair it immediately to prevent this problem. Remember, a small leak can cause a huge water disaster if not fixed on time. 


If you are looking for professionals to help with restoration after burst pipes or any other cause of water damage, ServiceMaster provides water disaster restoration in Elizabeth City. The team has the necessary tools and equipment to clear the mess and restore your home to its glory.