Frozen pipes are common during the winter, and as it is prone to happen, it could lead to a water disaster. In such a disaster, ServiceMaster can come in handy to help you restore your home. They provide water disaster restoration in Outerbanks and the environs. 

Here is how to prevent frozen pipes and what you can do to unfreeze them. 

One of the ways you can prevent pipes from freezing is by keeping garage doors closed is your main water supply lines are in the garage. Also, open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow warm air to circulate the pipes. 

When the temperature drops outside, let water drip from faucets serviced by the exposed lines. Also, you can run water through the pipe to help prevent the water from freezing. Doing this a few times a week can help reduce the risk of outdoor pipes freezing. 

Maintain the temperature of the thermostats during the day and at night. The energy bill may go up significantly; however, you can prevent a higher cost of repairing broken pipes. 

If your pipes freeze, one of the ways you can thaw them is by leaving the faucet open. But, monitor the situation as it would melt drastically, causing an unexpected water disaster. If this happens, reach out to ServiceMaster. They provide water disaster restoration in Outerbanks and the neighboring areas. 

Another way you can thaw the pipes is by applying heat to a section of the line using an electric hair drier or a heating pad. Apply heat until the water pressure resumes normal levels and leave the rest of the pipe to thaw. 

Dealing with frozen pipes can be challenging, not forgetting the risk of water damage in case of bursting. But, with ServiceMaster, you do not have to worry about dealing with a water disaster. The incredible team provides water disaster restoration in Outerbanks, helping you restore your home as quickly as possible.