Ice dams form when a part of the roof gets warmer than other parts, resulting in the ice melting and collecting at a spot on the roof. While this is not a significant issue, it could result in water damage if the roof components are faulty. 

In such a case, you can get the services of ServiceMaster of Outerbanks. The team provides water disaster restoration in Outerbanks and can help you clear the mess and restore your property to full functionality. 

Here are tips for preventing ice dams on the roof. 

Manage Heat Loss

Preventing heat loss can be challenging but extremely important to prevent ice dams. Air leaks caused by gaps in drywall cracks around fixtures, chimneys, and plumbing pipes contribute to heat loss through the ceiling and into the attic. 

The best way to solve this is maintaining insulation, caulking regularly, and sealing possible heat loss outlets. 

Rake off the Snow

If you live in an area with frequent snowfalls, rake it off the roof as often as possible to manage the buildup. If an ice dam forms around a cracked shingle on the roof, it could cause water damage to the roof, ceiling, and attic. 

If this happens, the best approach would be to reach out to ServiceMaster for prompt restoration. They provide water disaster restoration in Outerbanks, preventing further damage to the components of your property. 

Consider Attic Ventilation

Adding vents in the attic ensures cold outdoor air circulates the attic, flushing the warm air and cooling the space. Vents help to maintain a stable temperature in the attic preventing sudden warm air that melts the snow forming ice dams on the roof. 

If your house suffers water damage from ice dams on the roof, you can sort out the mess quickly by calling ServiceMaster. They have a professional team providing water disaster restoration in Outerbanks, taking care of the mess quickly.